Major Drug Bust in Roi Et: Over 140,000 Amphetamine Pills Seized, Four People Arrested

Roi Et—

On November 8th, 2023, Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut Sa-nguanphokai, the Commander-in-Chief, and Roi Et drug police officers intercepted four alleged drug smugglers with over 140,000 amphetamine pills in Phon Thong, Roi Et.

The alleged drug smugglers were later publicly identified only as Mr. Suthat, 34, Ms. Thanattha, 55, Mr. Wisava, 46, and Ms. Prapanich, 41.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut publicly revealed that the Roi Et drug police officers tracked the drug smuggling attempt via a sedan in Roi Et and adjacent provinces. The police team intercepted the suspected sedan and then asked to inspect the vehicle, and discovered illicit substances stashed inside.

The four alleged suspects reportedly confessed their wrongdoings and were taken to locate the spots where they had dropped the illicit substances, over 18,000 units.

Initially, Phon Thong police officers took the alleged suspects into custody for legal proceedings and pledged to conduct further investigations to hold involved individuals accountable for their crimes.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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