Bangkok Enhances Pedestrian Safety: Installation of 2,850 Traffic Lights at Crosswalks and Ongoing Improvement Plans


On November 7th, 2023, Mr. Ekwaranyu Amrapan, the spokesman for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, publicly stated that Bangkok has taken steps to improve and install traffic lights for pedestrian crossings with a total of 2,850 locations.

The installation of traffic lights for crosswalks has two modes including pelican crossings which will be installed in lesser pedestrian areas or a road with traffic congestion, and another mode puffin crossings which will be installed in crowded pedestrian areas such as schools or hospitals.

Meanwhile, there is a long-term plan that will improve pedestrian safety by increasing the number of traffic lights over the next 3 years.

Furthermore, in 2024, there are maintenance plans for crosswalks by repainting them with more bright colors and cleaning the crosswalks with high-pressure water.

Bangkok has taken proactive measures to continuously improve the safety of pedestrians. It may seem insignificant but it comes with great benefits, said Ekwaranyu.

Kittisak Phalaharn
Kittisak has a passion for outgoings no matter how tough it will be, he will travel with an adventurous style. As for his interests in fantasy, detective genres in novels and sports science books are parts of his soul. He works for Pattaya News as the latest writer.