Chiang Mai Plans to Convert Red Trucks to Electric Vehicles: Preserving Tradition and Reducing Pollution

Chiang Mai—

On November 6th, 2023, Mr. Danainut Chokamnuay, the Assistant Minister of Industry, and relevant officials stated to Thai national media about signature transportation in Chiang Mai: Red Trucks.

Danainut publicly revealed that Chiang Mai is one of the unique cities that conserve its culture and natural environment aspects in a fascinating way. Red trucks or red taxis are public transportation units that have been with Chiang Mai for a long time.

“Therefore, it is advised to promote a policy from the Thai government to replace combustion public transportation with electric vehicles like other urban cities’ transportation. However, the identity that pictures Chiang Mai local transportation should remain, and we are committed to keeping the red trucks, but in an electric form.” said Danainut.
Electric public transportation would reduce black smoke and pollution problems as well.

Danainut further added support will be given for small electric vehicle manufacturers, but it is a challenge and needs time to grow, but with good business insights and plans, the businesses would bloom in Thailand. The Thai government has many approaches to support and increase business opportunities for them.

There is no ETA for when this conversion will take place, notes TPN Media.

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