Brave Foreign Tourist Breaks Up Fight Among Transwomen in Pattaya and Sustains Injuries

PHOTO: Thairath

Pattaya —

A courageous foreign man was moderately injured after he attempted to quell a fight between transwomen on the Pattaya beachfront.

The incident transpired at night on Monday, November 5th, in front of the Baywalk Residence on the beach. Thairath reported that two unidentified transwomen were seen on a video while attacking another person, who also appeared to be a transwoman.

The attacked person subsequently fell to the ground, prompting the unidentified passing foreign man, dressed in a yellow shirt, to bravely step in and attempt to break up the altercation.

According to the video, the attackers unfortunately redirected their aggression towards the foreign man due to his intervention. Eventually, the three parties separated, and the injured trans victim, later identified as 19-year-old Preecha Samarnkun, lodged a formal complaint with the Pattaya police over the assault.

According to Preecha, the incident occurred around 2 AM on November 5th. The two transwomen approached her, with one of them asking, “Is this her?” They proceeded to attack her with kicks and slaps, which left several wounds and bruises all over her body.

Preecha further explained that the foreign man who tried to help her was also injured in the altercation with the two transwomen. She emphasized that she was at the beach with two female friends and had no personal acquaintance with the attackers or foreign rescuer. She was unaware of the motive for the attack, and believed the two attackers were just drunk.

Thairath said Pattaya police were attempting to identify the attackers. They would also look for the brave foreigner to see if he wanted to file a formal complaint.

Last month a Russian tourist was attacked and injured after trying to break up a fight between two Thai men on Walking Street in a similar situation.

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Aim Tanakorn
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