Three Minors Arrested in Nakhon Phanom for Alleged Possession of Firearms and Murder

Nakhon Phanom—

On November 2nd, 2023, Sri Songkhram police officers captured a group of three alleged minors with an improvised firearm and bullets in Si Songkhram, Nakhon Phanom.

One of the alleged suspects was only 14-years-old, and the others were 15-years-old and 17-years-old.

According to the police report, on October 27th, 2023, three alleged suspects went to a local concert in Si Songkhram, Nakhon Phanom, however, there was a quarrel with another group of teenagers. After the concert ended, three alleged suspects confronted another group of teenagers with ping-pong bombs and an improvised firearm.

Unfortunately, Ms. Thidaporn Torat, a 23-year-old innocent victim on the way to her home, got shot to death during the quarrel between the teenagers.

Initially, the Sri Songkhram police officers pressed charges of Intent to Kill Another, Possession of Firearms or Ammunition without Authorization, Carrying Firearms in Public without Justifiable Cause, and Discharging a Firearm in a Public Area.

During the investigation, the three alleged suspects reportedly confessed their wrongdoings and were escorted to the Sri Songkhram police station for further legal proceedings.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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