Young Woman Loses Arm in Pattaya Motorbike Accident

Pattaya —

A 23-year-old Thai woman tragically lost her left forearm after colliding with a parked 18-wheeler on the motorway connecting Pattaya and Bangkok.

The accident was reported to emergency responders at 8 PM on Tuesday, October 24th, on Highway 7 heading to Pattaya, Banglamung district, Chonburi province.

Upon arrival, the rescue team discovered the unfortunate Thai woman, Ms. Panchan Thongruay, aged 23, on the road in critical condition. She had lost her left forearm and was experiencing severe bleeding. Her severed left arm, from the elbow down to the fingers, was found at the accident scene.

The medical and rescue teams quickly administered first aid to stop the bleeding. They then applied a cold compress to the severed arm before promptly transferring Ms. Panchan to Banglamung Hospital for urgent surgery.

A preliminary investigation by Pattaya police revealed that the injured person was working at a tourist attraction in Pattaya. Prior to the accident, she was on her way back home, riding a Honda Click motorbike.

Upon reaching the accident site, the police stated that the woman failed to notice the parked 18-wheeler as the area reportedly lacked proper illumination. Consequently, her motorcycle collided with the rear of the trailer, and a steel pipe protruding from the trailer severed her arm.

The identity of the trailer driver was not immediately released by Pattaya police. It was also unclear if any legal action would be pursued.


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Aim Tanakorn
The local news translator at The Pattaya News. Aim is a twenty-four year old who currently lives in Bangkok. Interested in English translation, story-telling, and entrepreneurship, he believes that hard-working is an indispensable component of every success in this world.