Pattaya Transgender Person Confronts Foreigner Over Alleged Verbal Assault

Pattaya —

In a viral incident, a Thai transgender person chased a foreign tourist of unknown nationality around Pattaya Beach and threw ferocious punches and kicks at him. The incident came after the tourist reportedly refused to buy a companion service offered by the attacker and allegedly insulted her.

The attack, which was posted on Tiktok under an account named “ghostcars001,” was widely circulated on Thai social media. In the viral video, an unidentified transgender person was seen running after an unidentified foreign male tourist on Pattaya Beach during the evening hours.

The trans person, who seemed extremely angry with the tourist, tried to grab the tourist in order to punch and kick him. The tourist, on the contrary, only tried to run away and raised his arms in defense against the battering according to the video. He then managed to escape from the beach.

On October 15th, local media reported that they went to the incident scene near the mouth of Soi 13/1 on Beach Road to interview eyewitnesses. According to a 56-year-old eyewitness named “Jaem,” the attack unfolded on October 13th.

Jaem said he saw three foreigners walking in a group at the beachfront. They were then approached by a transgender person who was spotted in the video. The trans person allegedly offered a companion service to the tourists according to Jaem. However, the tourists declined her offer, and one of them allegedly splashed water at her and insulted her, which provoked the attack.

Pattaya police on Sunday reported that the transgender person in the video was already arrested. She is currently undergoing legal proceedings, while Pattaya police are looking for the assaulted tourist to hear his testimony. The trans person’s name is withheld to protect her privacy.

Following the incident Pattaya Police conducted a “sweep” of transgender individuals on Pattaya Beach as we reported here.

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Aim Tanakorn
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