Unyielding Japanese Passenger Creates Late-Night Taxi Standoff at Pattaya Police Station

Pattaya —

At 11:16 PM, on October 13th, 2023, Mr. Yutthapong Khunpini, a 35-year-old ride-hailing driver, picked up a 70-year-old Japanese passenger from a hotel in Pattaya City to the Pattaya City police station. However, the unidentified Japanese passenger refused to step out.

Yutthapong revealed that after he took the passenger to his destination, the Pattaya City police station, the passenger nonchalantly laid down in the back seat. The Japanese man then stubbornly refused to get out.

Pattaya police officers came to help and then convinced the passenger to step out of the car, however, he was stubborn still. The officers had to force the passenger out and escorted him to the inside of the station.
Initially, Yutthapong agreed not to bring further litigation and continued his service.

The unidentified Japanese man had language barrier issues and did not clearly communicate why he wanted to go to the station originally. The man was also wearing a bicycle helmet and seemed to be recording the entire incident on his phone, possibly for social media.

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