Cause of Thai Border Patrol Cadet’s Death During Training Examined: Influenza Virus and Heat Stroke Suspected

Songkhla —

Thai Military officials and doctors held a press conference on the cause of the death of a cadet during a recent military training. Influenza virus and heat stroke were diagnosed as possible causes.

Recently, a border patrol police cadet, only identified as Mr. Pakorn, 26-years-old, was announced as deceased during a military training exercise on October 9th, 2023. Pakorn had just enlisted in the army service on October 1st, 2023. A military report stated that a drillmaster ordered a group of newly enrolled cadets to run for 10 kilometers. However, Pakorn only finished 6 kilometers before collapsing to the ground and the drillmaster had other cadets carry Pakorn until they reached the 10-kilometer mark. Pakorn was later announced as deceased afterward.

On October 12th, 2023 at Border Patrol Police Headquarters in Sadao, Songkhla, public health and other relevant officials held a press conference on the true cause of death of Pakorn. Officials involved in the military training stated that the training was strictly by-the-book and followed all proper rules and regulations.

Since the first day of Pakorn’s enrollment on October 1st, 2023, the training of 100 cadets was primarily on sports science-based training courses. However, the intensity would be increased step by step for physical adaptation.

This continued until October 10th when during the training Pakorn showed signs of fever and confusion. Other cadets then carried Pakorn to take a rest. After a short while, a medical unit performed first aid and transferred Pakorn to Sadao Hospital. However, he did not feel better before being transferred to Hat Yai Hospital and later was announced as deceased.

Dr. Songkran Maichum, a Songkhla Public Health Doctor, stated that Pakorn had fallen unconscious and had a fever of over 40 degrees Celsius. The medical team supported him with their best efforts but they could not save Pakorn.

Dr. Songkarn pointed out that the influenza virus which may have caused the symptoms on Pakorn may have spread as a cold to another 30 cadets who showed signs of coughing at the camp. The medical team was on standby for support. The results of the body examination of other cadets for a possible cold or flu virus in the camp would be after 2-3 days.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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