Close Call on Escalator at Chiang Mai Mall Alarms Thai Social Media

Chiang Mai —

At 3:30 PM, on October 10th, 2023, multiple social media sources reported that at a famous shopping mall in Chiang Mai a college student got her shoelaces stuck in an escalator’s groove. Fortunately, she took her shoes off in time and was unharmed.

An unidentified college student revealed that she was hanging out at the mall with her friends while using the escalator from the G floor to the B1 floor, and her shoelaces got stuck in the escalator’s groove at the last step. She had her shoelaces loose but did not think it would lead to a possible horrific incident.

However, a mall cleaner witnessed the incident and rushed to press a stop button before helping pull the shoes out. The escalator is now operating normally.

The shopping mall public relations department warned everyone while using the escalator that it is advised to dress and tie shoelaces properly because it may lead to an unexpected incident.

The name of the mall, however, was withheld by Thai authorities reviewing the incident. The alarm on social media came due to a shocking incident at a travelator at the Don Mueang Airport earlier this year in which a Thai woman lost her leg.

That incident led to lawsuits and multiple safety reviews of escalators and moving walkways around Thailand.

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