Nakhon Pathom Police Pledge to Track Down Alleged Murderer at Cockfighting Arena

Nakhon Pathom —

A cockfighting arena turned into a murder scene when an alleged suspect shot his opponent to death over a 110,000 baht bet prize.

In a recent cockfighting murder incident in the Don Tum area, Nakhon Pathom, on October 8th, 2023, an alleged murderer identified only as Mr. Benz shot the victim, publicly identified only as Mr. Pirun, with a 9 mm pistol 5 times. Mr. Pirun was sent to a nearby hospital with critical wounds before passing away later in the same day. Meanwhile, the alleged gunman, Mr. Benz, was able to flee.

CCTVs in the legal cockfighting arena showed the cause of the incident: Mr Benz, 29-years-old, lost in a cockfighting match to Mr Pirun, 33-years-old, in a 110,000 baht bet pool. They both scuffled before Mr. Benz pulled out a firearm and furiously shot his opponent until he fell to the ground unconscious and then Benz drove hurriedly away.

On further investigation from local CCTVs, Mr. Benz did not return home or contact his wife, who he lived with. An investigative squad then deduced that Mr. Benz absconded together with his brother only identified as Mr M.

Pol Col Phongsakorn Uphong, Deputy Chief of the Investigative Department in Nakhon Pathom, stated to the Thai Media that his team was ordered to find the alleged suspect’s escape route and any other involved individuals, such as Mr. M, via local CCTVs.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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