Oil Tanker Truck Flips Over in Chaiyaphum, Driver Says it was Brake Failure

Chaiyaphum —

On October 8th, 2023, the Phakdi Chumphon Police Station received an accident report that an oil tanker truck flipped over on Phang Hei downhill road, Phakdi Chumphon, Chaiyaphum.

Emergency services, firefighters, and relevant local officials were dispatched to provide aid. On the scene, the flipped oil tanker truck had an oil leak over the damaged tank area. The driver, Mr. Jumlong Kokklang, 51-years-old, suffered only a minor injury.

The firefighters sprayed the area with water and used sand to absorb the oil leak. The roadway was closed temporarily for an hour before opening for traffic in one lane. During the operation, a crane and a tow truck were used to lift the flipped oil tanker truck up. Another oil tanker truck was called to transfer the remaining fuel.

Mr. Jumlong told the police officers that he was on the way to deliver fuel to gas stations in the Phakdi Chumphon area, Chaiyaphum.

However, a brake pump malfunctioned so he lost control over the truck and crashed into a concrete barrier. Luckily, he survived because if not for the concrete barrier, he would have fallen into the valley nearby.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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