Thai New Rising Taekwondo Star Banlung Secures Second Gold Medal for Thailand at Asian Games

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Thailand secured its second gold medal in Taekwondo with a ferocious victory from Mr. Banlung Tubtimdang, a Taekwondo rising star known as “Yu,” at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

"หยู" บัลลังก์ ทับทิมแดง คว้าเหรียญทองเทควันโด เอเชียนเกมส์ ล้มเต็งอิหร่าน
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The victory was a historic moment for Yu, who achieved this remarkable feat at the age of 18, marking his debut at the Asian Games. After the first gold medal from Panipak, Thailand made its name in the Asian Games again. Yu’s journey to this gold medal began earlier this year when he earned a silver medal at the World Taekwondo Championship held in Azerbaijan in June.

Notably, Thailand hadn’t achieved double gold in the martial arts division since 2010, during the Guangzhou Asian Games in China. The team’s head coach at that time was Mr. Chutchawal Khawlaor who was also presented as the head coach for Hangzhou Asian Games this time.

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Yu said with confidence that he has set his eye on the Olympic games in 2024. He also gave his thoughts on his often discussed height, 190 centimeters, that it has its disadvantages as well due to slower speed and less power.

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