Bangkok Public EV Bus Driver Admits to Lying About Brake Failure, Had Dozed Off and Caused Massive Car Pile Up

Bangkok —

The driver of a public electric bus admitted to dozing off at the wheel and accidentally pressing the accelerator, which resulted in a massive car accident in Bangkok on September 26th. The man initially told Thai media that the accident was caused by a brake failure.

The accident took place in Bangkok’s Chom Thong district during rush hour at 8 AM yesterday on the busy Rama II Road. A public EV bus of route 558 was reported to suddenly ram into other vehicles, resulting in a massive car pile-up and a temporary closure of the road. Over 14 vehicles were involved in the accident.

Rescue workers from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation rushed to the site to provide first aid to 18 injured people. The accident created a blockage that obstructed all four lanes of Rama II Road.

In an initial interview with Thai media, the involved bus driver, 59-year-old Mr. Boonmee (last name withheld) stated that the accident was caused by a “faulty brake.” He claimed he tried to press the brake multiple times, but it did not work, causing him to ram into other parked cars.

However, following the driver’s statement, Thai Smile Bus, which operates the bus that caused the accident, released a statement clarifying that it had conducted an examination into the bus’s brake and electrical systems and found no issues.

On the other hand, during a through investigation of its driver, Boonmee, the company revealed that Boonmee admitted to not having had sufficient rest before coming to work. He further confessed that he inadvertently dozed off at the wheel and was startled when the traffic started to move.

In a panic, the driver attempted to apply the brakes, but instead, accidentally pressed the accelerator, causing the vehicle to lurch forward and collide with other cars.

Thai Smile Bus said it had already fired the driver to prevent such incidents from occurring again in the future. The company will also compensate for all injured individuals.

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Aim Tanakorn
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