Phony Chonburi Policeman Ends in Handcuffs After Trying to Bail Out Friend Using Fake Authority

Chonburi —

A police impersonator in Chonburi’s Mueang district attempted to use his fake authority on a real police officer to bail out his friend but failed miserably.

The bizarre incident unfolded on September 17th at the Samet Police Station in the Mueang district of Chonburi. Pol. Maj. Chingchai Paiboon was on duty at around 1:30 AM, overseeing the suspect, Mr. Traikhun Mangkhang, who had recently been arrested for alleged drunk driving.

Then, Pol. Maj. Chingchai reported that at around 4:45 AM, a man dressed in a full formal police lieutenant general attire walked up to the station and presented himself as a police officer directly coming from the National Police Bureau.

The man demanded that Pol. Maj. Chingchai release the drunk-driving suspect, Mr. Traikhun, who was currently in custody at the station, immediately. He also reprimanded Officer Chingchai, stating that he had called his superior a hundred times to release the suspect, questioning why the officer was so slow to obey the order. This compelled him to visit the station in the middle of the night himself, the man complained angrily.

However, Pol. Maj. Chingchai was doubtful about the man’s demeanor, so he conducted an identity check on him and, unsurprisingly, could not find his name in the police identity system.

This revelation prompted Pol. Maj. Chingchai to begin questioning the man, and ultimately, the impersonator confessed that he was not a police officer, but rather just a civilian.

The imposter revealed his real name as Mr. Prasit Kornkasem, 59. He confessed to purchasing a police uniform from a general police uniform shop and obtaining the insignia from an online store.

Mr. Prasit further admitted that he wore the uniform in an attempt to bail out his friend, Mr. Traikhun, hoping to use fake authority to bypass legal processes. However, Pol. Maj. Chingchai informed him that his action constituted an offense and that he would be arrested on charges of “unlawful use of a uniform or adornment of a police officer, or unauthorized use of a badge or rank insignia in a manner intended to deceive others into believing that oneself holds such a position or authority.”

Pol. Maj. Chingchai then proceeded to detain Mr. Prasit.

Under Thai law, anyone who adorns themselves with a police uniform without authority shall be subject to imprisonment for a period ranging from 3 months to 5 years, in accordance with the National Police Act of 2004, Article 108.

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Aim Tanakorn
The local news translator at The Pattaya News. Aim is a twenty-four year old who currently lives in Bangkok. Interested in English translation, story-telling, and entrepreneurship, he believes that hard-working is an indispensable component of every success in this world.