Peturday: Elevating Pet Care in Pratumnak, Pattaya

PATTAYA, PRATUMNAK_ – A new venture, ‘Peturday’, has opened its doors in the heart of Pratumnak, Pattaya, promising not only high-quality pet food and accessories but also a haven for pet enthusiasts.

Behind the brand is a passionate pet lover who has woven her love for animals throughout her life’s narrative. From joyous days of growing up with dogs to the current companionship of her three beloved cats, her journey with pets is truly heartwarming. It’s this intrinsic love and understanding of pets that is evident in every aspect of ‘Peturday’.

Beyond just a retail experience, ‘Peturday’ aspires to be more. The owner envisions it as a vibrant community hub where pet lovers can congregate, share stories, and participate in various pet social events. Such events not only promote healthy socialization for pets but also help create a network of supportive pet parents.

The products on the shelves reflect the store’s commitment to quality. Every pet food brand has been meticulously researched and selected to ensure it meets the highest standards of nutrition and safety. After all, pets are not just animals; they are family. And at ‘Peturday’, family deserves the best.

For those in and around Pratumnak, Pattaya, ‘Peturday’ is not just a store – it’s a movement. A movement to better the lives of pets and the people who adore them.

**About Peturday**:

Located at
337, 10 Phra Tamnak, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150 Peturday offers top-notch pet food, accessories, and a series of social events aiming to foster a close-knit community of pet lovers.

For more information drop by the store to experience it firsthand or check them out on Facebook here.

Adam Judd
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