Hope for Strays Foundation in Pattaya Launches Lifesaving Campaign to Secure New Shelter for 300 Dogs

PHOTO: Hope for Strays Foundation


The Hope for Strays Foundation, a fully registered non-profit organization, located in Nongprue, east of Pattaya, has received devastating news. We operate a shelter that currently houses over 300 dogs. The lease on the land will expire in March of next year and we will need to move the dogs to a new shelter and remove the existing shelter from the land. Without a new shelter, these innocent lives will be left without a safe haven.

Hope for Strays has dedicated themselves to rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs in Thailand for almost 15 years with the shelter being in operation for the last 7 years. Our mission has always been to give the dogs the love, care, and second chances they deserve. We have given thousands of vaccinations, sterilized over 400 dogs, taken dogs to the vet for treatment of sick or injured dogs several times a week and feed many dogs on the streets twice a day. It is heart breaking to think of the uncertain future these dogs face if we cannot secure a new shelter for them. We are in desperate need of financial assistance to construct a new shelter that can accommodate these beloved dogs and ensure their safety and happiness.

PHOTO: Hope for Strays Foundation

We need to raise funds to:

  1. Acquiring suitable land: We need to find a plot of land that offers ample space and a safe environment for the dogs to thrive. Our only option at the moment is farmland in north central Thailand. While this land is paid for it lacks many of the services needed to operate the shelter. It also lacks tourists, who make up a significant portion of the Foundation’s income, in the Pattaya area.
  2. Shelter construction: Building a new facility with appropriate enclosures, comfortable living spaces, proper ventilation, and essential amenities to cater to the unique needs of the rescues.
  3. Demolition of the existing shelter to meet landowner requirements of returning the land to its original condition.
PHOTO: Hope for Strays Foundation

We cannot emphasize enough the urgency of this situation. It will take time to design, permit and, build a new shelter and demolish the old shelter as well as transfer the Foundation registration. We are seeking an initial amount of Baht 1million to put up a wall around the land and provide electrical service and some initial kennel building. These innocent lives are depending on our collective efforts to provide them with a secure and comfortable environment. No dog should be left behind or forced to suffer due to circumstances beyond their control.

Visit Hope for Strays at Hope for Strays Foundation

Be a part of giving a new shelter at Go Fund Me

PHOTO: Hope for Strays Foundation


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