UPDATE: Pattaya Teenager Arrested for Shooting Rival at Pattaya Beach

Pattaya —

A Thai teenager who shot his rival in the leg on Pattaya Beach surrendered himself to police on Sunday night, August 27th, claiming he shot the victim in self-defence.

First our previous story:

A brawl broke out on Pattaya Beach on Saturday night, August 26th, leaving two teenagers seriously injured, one with gunshot wounds to the leg. The incident occurred just 100 meters from the Pattaya Police Station, raising concerns about safety in the world-famous resort city.

Now our update:

On the night of August 27th, a 19-year-old named Titipong “Mack” Seekaew approached the Pattaya Police Station to surrender himself, handing over a homemade gun which he had used to shoot his 17-year-old rival in the leg on crowded Pattaya Beach.

Titipong recounted that he had visited the beach on Saturday night to celebrate his friend’s birthday. During the gathering, he was warned by his friend that someone was planning to beat him. Not long after, a group approached him, armed and ready. They threatened and insulted him.

Titipong alleged that he tried to avoid the confrontation by conversing with his rivals. However, the gang suddenly produced knives, prompting everyone present to raise their hands in response.

At that moment, Titipong heard someone from the opposing group shout to shoot him. Fearing for his life, he claimed that he grabbed his gun and fired it into the ground in self defense. However, the shot missed the intended target and struck his opponent’s leg, causing serious injuries.

Titipong stated that prior to this incident, there had been ongoing tension between his group and his enemies. These conflicts included the bullying of his friend within the group and another incident where they had taken his beloved college institution’s shirt and demeaned it. Titipong claimed he acquired the gun from the opposing group during a previous confrontation.

Pattaya police were proceeding with legal action against the suspect and he remained in custody as of press time.

Aim Tanakorn
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