British Trans Comedian Darcie Silver Passes Away in Thailand

By Thomas Sinclair, Guest Writer. Thomas is the editor of the Pembrokeshire Herald, found here.

Darcie Silver, a British trans comedian known for her comedic brilliance showcased at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, has tragically passed away in Thailand at the age of 35.
While her time with us was cut short under circumstances yet to be disclosed, Darcie Silver left an indelible mark with her sharp wit and unapologetic humor. She shared her experience in 2019, recounting an incident where she was asked to leave a women’s changing room in a store due to her identity.

Her journey was an ongoing battle against transphobia, a struggle that she courageously faced.

At the time of her untimely departure, Darcie was contributing her skills to a cosmetic and gender-affirming hospital in Bangkok, where she was engaged in patient liaison and marketing endeavors. Kamol Hospital, the esteemed institution where she worked, conveyed the heartbreaking news through an Instagram post on a somber Saturday (August 19).

In their social media tribute, Kamol Hospital expressed deep gratitude for Darcie’s multifaceted contributions. Not only was she a dedicated professional, but she was also a cherished friend, sister, and a compassionate soul who had a profound impact on countless lives. Her connection to Thai culture was palpable, often seeking solace and inspiration within the confines of local temples, a passion that will be honored in accordance with Thai tradition during her funeral rites.

The hospital’s online homage to Darcie included poignant images from her funeral, adorned with messages of appreciation from the individuals whose lives she had touched. Her guidance and unwavering support during their personal transitions were acknowledged with heartfelt gratitude.

One of Darcie’s notable feats was her captivating performance, “I know you are but what am I?”, showcased at the esteemed Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019.

The festival’s Facebook page shared the somber news of her passing, reminiscing about her remarkable impact on the comedy scene. Darcie’s tenure at the Brass Monkey in 2019 was marked with success and admiration, an artist whose light shone too briefly.

In the wake of an incident that had exposed the harsh reality of transphobic attacks, Darcie Silver candidly shared her experiences. She expressed the pain of enduring discrimination, remarking that being trans wasn’t a choice but an integral part of her identity. Despite the challenges, she continued to find her voice and cultivate confidence, only to have setbacks like these erode her progress.

TPN Media is seeking additional insights into Darcie’s death.

Kamol Hospital said: “We are sad to announce the sudden passing of our much loved Darcy Silver.

“Darcy was not only our employee but also a friend, a sister, a person of great sympathy, dedication and passion.

“She was very fond of Thai culture, and most of her escapes from working life were devoted to prayer in Thai temples, which is why her funeral will be celebrated according to Thai tradition.

“Darcy will be missed dearly, but we’re sure she’s now in an equally beautiful and loving place.

“Fly happy Darcy, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for helping so many people make their dream come true.


Photos: Kamol Hospital.

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