Thai Taxi Drivers Need to Tell Passengers to Buckle Up

PHOTO: Kaohoon

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Passengers in taxis or other public transport vehicles will now be required to fasten their seatbelt during each trip, according to the Royal Thai Police.

The new requirement, published in the Royal Gazette on Tuesday, August 8th, primarily focused on taxi drivers. It requires the chauffeurs to verbally tell passengers to fasten their seatbelt or have a sign visible to passengers that warns them to buckle up.

Oher public transport vehicles are also required to have a sign or an audio recording that tells people to wear their seatbelt.

The announcement was signed by the Thai national police chief, Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas, citing the Land Transportation Act.

There are also other requirements including:

  • Drivers must inform passengers to sit in their designated seat.
  • Passengers cannot sit on supplementary seating illegally provided by the driver.
  • Passengers are prohibited from standing inside a moving vehicle except when there is a designated area for standing.
  • Passengers must not stick any part of their body outside a moving vehicle.

The announcement will come into force from November 6th, 2023.

Aim Tanakorn
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