Kuwaiti Tourist Injured in Motorbike Accident, Friends Obstruct Pattaya Rescuers from Doing Their Job for No Reason

Pattaya —

Over 100 Kuwaiti men obstructed Pattaya rescue services from rushing their injured friend to a hospital for no apparent reason. The men insisted on lifting their friend onto an ambulance themselves.

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The bizarre incident unveiled today, August 9th, when the Sawang Boriboon rescue team was notified of a motorbike accident that left one Kuwaiti man injured on Soi Yen Sabai in South Pattaya. The rescue team immediately hurried to the scene of the incident at 4:30 AM to assist the tourist.

Upon arriving at the scene, the rescue workers stated that they found the narrow alley packed with over 100 Kuwaiti men. The group was encircling the injured person, Mr. Ahmad Jraoaalazmi, 22, a Kuwaiti national, who was likely their friend.

The rescue team then provided initial medical aid to his minor wounds around the body. However, when they attempted to transfer him onto an ambulance, they faced obstruction from the Kuwaiti men who insisted on handling the lifting themselves, resulting in a commotion.

Eventually, the transportation of the victim was successful after the rescue team negotiated and allowed the men to carry out the lifting. Mr. Ahmad was moved to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.

In an interview with a Burmese eyewitness, Mr. Wai, he stated that he came to the victim’s aide after seeing the tourist fall off his motorbike by himself. Afterwards, a large group of Kuwaiti men arrived at the scene and surrounded the victim, telling Mr. Wai to immediately leave the area for no reason.

The eyewitness also mentioned that this foreign group had been causing disturbances in the alley, riding their motorcycles loudly throughout the night, disregarding traffic rules, and not wearing helmets.

He requested that the police officers at the Pattaya police station take more stringent measures to control such behaviors.

Just a couple of days ago on August 7th, Pattaya authorities met with rental motorbike operators to find a way to stop the disruptive tourists.

They ruled that operators must strictly check the identity documents of their Kuwaiti customers and keep a record of them, in case those customers used the vehicles to engage in street racing and disturb the public.

Just a few days prior, a group of Kuwaiti men were arrested and scheduled to be deported over a “prank” at the Pattaya viewpoint, pretending to be robbed.

A few weeks prior, a Kuwaiti man was seriously injured in another accident near Bali Hai Pier.

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