Female Caddie Brutally Attacked by Stranger near Pattaya

Pattaya —

A Thai caddie was brutally attacked by a man while driving to a golf course near Pattaya. The assailant splashed gasoline on her and pushed her off the road, resulting in serious injuries.

The victim, Ms. Nuan Yothi, 44, took her plight to The Pattaya News on Thursday, June 29th, saying she was assaulted by an unknown male suspect while driving her motorbike to a golf course on Highway 331 in the Khao Mai Kaew sub-district of Banglamung district, Chonburi province.

Ms. Nuan said she is a caddie working at a golf course in Banglamung. The attack took place at dawn on Thursday. As Ms. Nuan was driving, she was approached by another motorcyclist, a thin and tall man wearing a motorcycle helmet. The man suddenly splashed her with gasoline and attempted to hit her.

Out of fear that the suspect might ignite a fire on her, Ms. Nuan revealed she quickly rode away. However, the man accelerated and caught up with her, then forcefully grabbed her shirt collar and chest.

Consequently, Ms. Nuan tried to accelerate and escape once again, but the assailant followed closely behind. He then pushed her bike off the road, causing her to fall into the deep bushes, before fleeing the scene.

The victim then contacted the authorities for help using her cell phone because her motorbike had fallen on top of her and she could not move. A later medical examination found that Ms. Nuan sustained injuries to her left and right shoulders, with fractures in the 4th and 5th ribs and a fracture in the left clavicle.

She was discharged from a hospital and is recovering at her residence. Ms. Nuan pleaded with the police to capture the suspect as soon as possible while expressing her bewilderment as to why the suspect had to attack her.

She insisted she did not have any enemies and had no conflicts, debts, or problems with anyone that could have caused the incident.


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