Thai Ministry of Commerce Highlights Chonburi

The Ministry of Commerce recently organized a press tour in Chonburi province to showcase a leading organic producer and highlight the Local BCG Plus project, aiming to inspire other entrepreneurs to embrace this model.

Permanent Secretary for Commerce Keerati Rushchano guided press members in touring Chotiwan Farm. The farm, producing coconut-based products under the brand name Merito, has earned certification from the Biodynamic Federation Demeter International (BFDI) for its high-quality organic products made using the bio-circular-green (BCG) economic model. Thailand, along with Malaysia and Singapore, is one of three ASEAN nations that have achieved this esteemed recognition.

The purpose of the press tour was to shed light on the accomplishments of Thai entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the cultivation and production of organic products while keeping up with global market trends. This initiative underscores the importance of environmental protection and recognizes successful entrepreneurs.

In the past, the Ministry of Commerce previously launched the Local BCG Plus project to open up market opportunities for BCG product manufacturers and innovative producers. This latest project expands marketing channels through provincial sales representatives, linking domestic and international markets for entrepreneurs and local communities across Thailand.

In addition, the Ministry is preparing to host the Local BCG Plus Fair 2023 nationwide. The event, which will display select BCG products from across Thailand, invites buyers and importers from around the world and is anticipated to generate over 650 million baht in revenue.

The preceding is a press release from the Thai Government PR Department.

Adam Judd
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