Move Forward Party Discusses Economic Concerns with Thai Chamber of Commerce

Move Forward Party leader Pita Limcharoenrat held a productive meeting with the Thai Chamber of Commerce to address key economic concerns, including the proposed minimum wage increase and reducing business costs.

Following over two hours of discussions, Pita and Chamber Chairman Sanan Angubolkul expressed satisfaction with the creative and enjoyable exchange. The Move Forward Party is currently engaged in discussions with the chamber on 13 topics, encompassing areas such as the Eastern Economic Corridor, the Bio-Circular-Green Economy model, and the cross-border economy.

Sanan highlighted the alignment between several coalition government policies and the chamber’s objectives, fostering numerous opportunities for collaboration. The chamber emphasized three pressing issues for the coalition parties: prompt cabinet formation to minimize budgetary impact, reduction of electricity costs, and improvement of living conditions for farmers and the financial health of small and medium-sized businesses.

To facilitate cooperation, Pita and Sanan agreed to appoint representatives from their respective sides. Party deputy leader Sirikanya Tansakun will represent Move Forward, while the chamber will be represented by its secretary-general, Kitsana Vachekrilas. Pita assured that the proposed minimum wage hike would be implemented meticulously after comprehensive discussions with relevant stakeholders.

Acknowledging the importance of fairness within the economic system, Pita emphasized the need for a two-sided approach to support both employers and employees, proposing mechanisms to mitigate increased costs, such as energy prices, living expenses, and tax deductibility. Collaboration between Move Forward and the Thai Chamber of Commerce will enable an in-depth exploration of the minimum wage and business costs.

The preceding is a press release from the Thai government.

Adam Judd
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