Pattaya Police Say No to Lion Costumed Beggars

Pattaya, Thailand-

Pattaya City Municipality officers, also called the Tessagit, gave a thumbs down to so-called lion performers who they say are actually beggars who annoy customers and business owners.

An unidentified man was removed from the popular Soi 6 this evening in North Pattaya after multiple complaints from bar owners that the man, who was dressed in a sort of lionlike costume and equipped with a giant drum, was entering bars without permission and making lots of noise and annoying customers while asking for money.

TPN media notes there are certain times of the year, like Chinese New Year, when large dragon performers collect charity donations across the city. However, according to Pattaya police, this had nothing to do with any charity or any organization and the man was not sticking to street performing but forcefully entering venues without permission and demanding money from bar customers for his “performance”.

Pattaya municipality officers pledged to continue to stop unwanted “guests” from entering bars and disturbing paying customers. Photo credit Pattaya Tessagit.

Adam Judd
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