Reader Mailbag: Why Doesn’t Thailand invest more in solar power?

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Hello to Pattaya News

I hope this reply to your daily newsletter works. I know you don’t have a letter to the editor section (Editor’s Note: We do occasionally publish letters, thank you for yours.), but I was exercised to write…
As a regular visitor to Pattaya, I have been a reader of the News for a few years now. It’s a great news platform to keep in touch with things in Thailand between visits.
I am responding to the lead article in today’s News regarding electricity prices. It has for some time amazed me that Thailand seems dependent on fossil fuels for electricity generation when it has so much sunshine to harvest.
When traveling into big cities such as Pattaya or Bangkok, passing through industrial areas with acres of metal-clad roofs on huge commercial buildings, I am astonished that there’s not a solar panel to be seen. Occasionally a token wind turbine can be found. Non-productive land outside big conurbations could be used for solar farms. Many hotels and other buildings in Pattaya could have banks of solar panels on the roofs.
A forward-thinking government should be looking to reduce Thailand’s carbon footprint and invest in all forms of sustainable energy. The country is well placed to end, or at least massively reduce, its dependence on expensive, global-warming fossil fuels such as oil and gas and at the same time significantly reduce costs.
Keep up the good work
Looking forward to my next visit to Pattaya
Michelle G
Adam Judd
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