Lin Hui, Thailand’s Famous Giant Panda, Dies at Chiang Mai Zoo

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Chiang Mai —

Lin Hui, Thailand’s famous giant panda, sadly died this morning, April 19th, at Chiang Mai Zoo in northern Thailand, officials have confirmed.

The famous female panda just turned 21 years old a few short months ago.

Her cause of death is still awaiting final clarification from the zoo officials, though reports said that the panda fell ill and displayed abnormal symptoms yesterday.

Lin Hui along with her mate, Xuang Xuang, were loaned to Chiang Mai Zoo from China back in October 2003. They were loved by the entire nation, as over 8 million visitors had dropped by the famous zoo to admire the cuteness of the pair.

Lin Hui and Xuang Xuang gave birth to a daughter named Lin Bing at the zoo in May 2009. She was the first giant panda ever born in Thailand and one of the few born in captivity outside of China. However, Lin Bing was sent back to China at the age of two.

Chiang Mai locals and netizens across the country bid their farewell to Lin Hui.

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