A Look at FRESH MEDIQ Clinic in Pattaya and Why They Are Your Top Choice for Regenerative Health

Pattaya, Thailand-

We have recently had the pleasure here at TPN Media of touring the excellent FRESH MEDIQ Clinic located in the Pattaya area by the Rompho Market in Jomtien, in front of the same soi as Immigration, on Thrappraya Road/Jomtien Second Road.

We have done several videos on them, such as below, where we chatted with the Owner, Ian, and met the excellent, knowledgeable, and well-regarded Dr. Ann.

Today, however, in the first of several articles, we wanted to focus on their story, their history, and what makes them different from many other clinics in Pattaya and Jomtien.

In their own words, FRESH MEDIQ is an innovative Medical Cannabis Dispensary & Anti Aging Clinic specializing in Regenerative Therapy, IV Vitamin Drips, and Aesthetic Beauty.

They are led by Dr. Nuttamon Le Men MD, also known as Dr. Ann, the Medical Director of FRESH MEDIQ, who is an alumnus of Harvard Medical School and has a Post Graduate Diploma for Leadership in Medicine 2021 (HMS-LIM SEA 2021). She successfully completed her study at Harvard Medical School with the capstone project titled Developing an Innovative Liposuction Center for FRESH MEDIQ.

FRESH MEDIQ founded its physical location in 2022, but actual serious work began at FRESH MEDIQ back in 2018 when the owners were asked by the Thailand GPO (Government Pharmaceutical Organization) to join a pilot scheme interested in looking at cannabis medical benefits and risks.

Controlled narcotic classifications in Thailand run from 1-5 and even sleep medication may be classed as a controlled narcotic. Class 1 narcotics are reserved for hard drugs such as Heroin and cannabis was positioned in Class 5. Now, of course, Cannabis has been made a controlled herb and is no longer a narcotic and it is due to the hard work of FRESH MEDIQ and several government hospitals that this happened.

Over 600 case studies of the regenerative and healthy benefits of cannabis were submitted by FRESH MEDIQ and partners, which steered the way to the decriminalization of medical cannabis in Thailand.

The top 5 reasons given by FRESH MEDIQ for cannabis treatment are:- 1. Chronic Pain 2. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 3. Sleep Disorders 4. Cancer and 5. Osteoporosis. There have even been cases of patients with Parkinson’s disease and one with a brain tumor who traveled to Pattaya especially to see Dr. Ann for relief and treatment.

FRESH MEDIQ focuses on a professional environment with actual licensed and experienced doctors and staff who adequately meet all patients’ needs, not just for medical cannabis but also for a variety of regenerative and anti-aging therapies and procedures that most regular hospitals do not delve into.

We will be looking in depth at some of these procedures and services, as well as more about medical cannabis, how FRESH MEDIQ works with West Land Herb Farm for certified organic medical cannabis, and where it stands legally in Thailand, in a future article as this is part of a series.

If you would like to learn more about FRESH MEDIQ or visit them in person, tap or click here for more information.


OPEN Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm (Closed for Songkran, April 17th-April 19th)

Phone English: 092 971 5159

Phone Thai: 092 471 9159

Tap HERE for their Facebook

E-mail: hello@freshmediq.com


Contact them through their website HERE

Finally, a second video from our team of the customer experience:

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