Chinese Tourist Gets Phone Back After Forgetting It in Bangkok Taxi

Bangkok —

A Chinese woman got her missing phone back with the help of Bangkok Police. She said she forgot it in a taxi and was very happy to get it back, adding Thailand was not at all dangerous as some people said.

The incident happened on February 24th at 5.45 PM near Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong intersection. The officers from the Lumpini police station said that they received a report about a missing phone from a Chinese woman through the SOS system under the Smart Safety Zone campaign.

The officers traveled to the scene to meet with the Chinese woman identified as Mrs. Wang Chunhua. The Chinese tourist said she had forgotten her smartphone in a taxi that she rode to the Ratchaprasong intersection. The woman realized about her missing phone only when the cab drove off. She then asked for help from a security guard who advised her to contact the police.

The officers took Mrs. Chunhua and her unidentified friend to the station, and contacted the taxi driver, Mr. Ekachai Soda, to ask him to return the phone to the tourist. The authorities revealed that they could identify the cabbie from a CCTV camera that was installed in the area as part of the Smart Safety Zone campaign.

Afterwards, Mr. Ekachai arrived at the police station and returned the phone to the tourist. He said he was unaware of the phone in his vehicle and was very happy to help.

As for Mrs. Chunhua, she said with the help of an interpretor that, “”Whoever says Thailand is not safe is not telling the truth. I would like to invite everyone to come and visit Thailand.”

Thai netizens widely praised the taxi driver’s honesty and the exceptional performance of law enforcement in response to the incident.

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