Thai Man Undertakes 1200km Trek on Foot to Propose to His Girlfriend

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A passionate 52-year-old Thai man is on an arduous mission to prove his true love to a woman he met online. Setting out from his hometown in Nakhon Nayok province, the man is traversing a challenging 1200 km on foot to reach the love of his life in Satun province on the most romantic day of Thailand — Valentine’s Day.

Mr. Suthep Lomjit aka “Maew” set off on his journey on January 14th in the hopes of uniting with his girlfriend, Mrs. Thanapa Kheawon, who lives 1,200km away in time for Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

In one of the various documenting videos he posted on TikTok, Suthep revealed that he had met his 56-year-old girlfriend online but never in person, so he wanted to meet her in person to propose to her to “show everyone that true love can be found on social media.”

His videos received millions of views on TikTok and tremendous support from both netizens and people along the way. Rescue workers are following behind him in vehicle as he hikes to keep him in check.

Thanapa aka “Yu” is excitedly waiting for Suthep in the Southern Thai province of Satun. The woman admitted to Thai media that she felt shy, knowing that she will finally get to meet her boyfriend in person.

“I can’t describe my feeling. But I have a little surprise for him when he arrives here tomorrow (February 14nd).”

The trek will take about 16 hours if it is a non-stop drive, while walking will take at least 200 hours if no breaks are taken.

Suthep, 52, is expected to unite with his online lover on Tuesday to show the world a symbol of hope and a reminder that true love knows no bounds.

The story has attracted international press and plenty of Thai press who are gathered near Yu’s home for the big day tomorrow.

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