The first of its kind in the town which unashamedly focuses on Western Populism. There will be no discussion of Thai Politics or Thai Royalty 

The event is FREE and is to be held at Starbucks in the Central Marina on 2nd Rd, near Terminal 21, Pattaya @ 10 am on the 13th of February 2023 

Starbucks only requests that everyone in attendance purchase refreshments. 

Populists Abroad are proud to bring this Populist Political Discussion Group to Central Marina, Pattaya for the first time and hope to hold further events there in the future. Many western ex-pats are unhappy and feel a sense of frustration towards what is happening politically and culturally in their country of origin and for some has been the reason they have relocated. It is for this reason Populists Abroad has decided to hold an event here. 

Founder of the event Paul Metcalfe states: 

“We plan to appeal to ex-pats in the area who enjoy discussing current western affairs and who support politicians such as Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Giorgio Meloni, and Viktor Orban amongst others, but English will be the only language spoken. “ 

An example of possible topics to be discussed could include Mass Migration, The Culture Wars, Woke, and Free Speech. 

Regarding the tone of the event, Mr. Metcalfe emphasizes the meeting will be “moderated and courteous” which is why he wants to make it clear, that anyone who disagrees strongly with the above politicians to stay away, as they will not find it an enjoyable event and may ruin it for other attendees.

Everyone will have their chance to speak if they so wish but not at the expense of others. He explains: 

“Most ex-pats are over 50 and most people when they reach this age rarely change their political worldview, which is why I have made it clear from the start that this WILL NOT SUIT EVERYONE, just like a Steak House won’t suit a Vegetarian. We are all different, that is the spice of life. ” 

Paul Metcalfe is available for comment and can be reached on: 

Mobile: 08080 77941 


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