Pattaya Mayor and Local Business People Meet to Prep for Chinese Tour Groups Return

Pattaya —

The Thai-Chinese Tourism Association and the Pattaya mayor met on Tuesday, January 24th, to discuss measures to welcome the return of Chinese tourists.

The two parties met at City Hall to brainstorm on what Pattaya should do to accommodate an expected influx of Chinese tourists who were on their way to the city after Beijing decided to reopen its borders after three years of Covid-19 restrictions on January 8th.

Mr. Chanaphan Kaewklachaiwut, president of the association, advised the mayor, Mr. Poramase Ngampiches, to improve the city, especially in terms of security and sanitation, to strengthen confidence and impress Chinese tourists.

He said that a tour company in his association would create a tour package for Chinese tourists, divided into three groups: luxury, medium, and normal. These tourists would be guided to tourist spots around Pattaya that had been quality-assured by the Thai-Chinese Tourism Association.

Mr. Chanaphan believed that the number of Chinese tourists traveling to Pattaya this year would surely beat the pre-pandemic number of two million tourists.

Pattaya is also looking to expedite traffic construction work on Second Road, anticipating the return of tour buses to the area carrying Chinese tourists. Currently, the work isn’t expected to be completed until around Songkran in April.

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