Help bring donations for those in need to North Thailand with the Inez Foundation

We need your donations! 

Pattaya-based charity travels to North Thailand for the 22nd time giving truckloads of donation Christmas in Mae Sot. You can join them by handing over your items you no longer need.

Inez Foundation and a number of Rotary clubs and other volunteer groups have given support to these people in Mae Sot, North Thailand since 2013, there are a number of schools in Karen state in Brigade 7 where the fighting is ongoing. 

Children have no other educational support aside from these schools, so it is very important that they stay open. Due to the hardships in the villages, and the risk of them being attacked, education is essential to these children. 

Education saves internally displaced children from recruitment into armies, child labor, sexual exploitation, and even child marriage. Education also strengthens communities, and gives power to internally displaced children by providing them with knowledge for the future.

We have done 21 charity drives since 2014 and we need to help to fill the trucks this time we leave on 22 December 2022.

Now, we are looking for donations for the 22nd charity drive to the Thai Burmese border where many people live in greater poverty than most of Thailand, and we are asking for your help.

What can be donated?

So many different things!

This time we would like to focus on collecting toiletries, as well as food and other essentials. Clothing of all sizes, including clothing for the cold season.

Children’s toys and kitchen utilities are always welcomed.

Books and school items are needed as well, some schools have a small libraries.

Have something that you think that could be useful? Just ask!

Do you need funds?

Yes, very much so! We are in need of financial support to pay for transport, dry food, and snacks for the children.

Can I join the handout?

While we do have space in the car, we invite anybody who donates 10 000 THB or more to join us with their own car. We will help you find a hotel should you wish to do so.

Will you donate anything else?

We are currently fundraising to purchase air filters to donate to schools and for homes with children.

Where can I donate?

We have a Thai account, PayPal, and credit card as well as Swish Sweden. Payment information is listed below.

If you want to see our other handouts you can check the Inez Foundations websites.

This project is organized by the Inez Foundation, Rotary E Club 3340, and local charities doing many worthy projects around Pattaya. This is a Rotary project and that ensures that all funds are going straight to the people in need.

Please contact us for the location and time of drop off or if you need to pick up. Just send a message to Inez Foundation on Facebook. 

Donation Bank

SCB Bank No. : 414-101253-2 Name:Sawipha Wansopha

Pay Pal 

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