Democrat MP to propose draft amendments for Cannabis and Hemp Act drafting committee’s consideration prior to its next meeting in October

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Democrat MP Satit Wongnongtoey on Tuesday, September 20th, is preparing to propose amendments to the Cannabis and Hemp Draft Act, following the drafting committee’s request for political parties’ opinions.

The Trang MP told the Associated Press that he would submit the suggestion for the draft act after the drafting committee had sent a letter to several political parties to ask for their amendment opinions to improve the draft bill before being further discussed in the upcoming committee meeting on October 3rd.

Satit stated that he would like the committee to consider amending the draft bill definitions and plantation licensing systems as well as clearly indicating the number of cannabis and hemp plants allowed for homegrowing in each household, the ministry’s power, and legally opening authorized distribution channels for cannabis, its extracts, smoking equipment, etc.

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The MP also reiterated his reasons to vote for the draft withdrawal that it was because of the negative impacts on the society after unlocking marijuana in the past three to four months.

He stated: “If there are no laws to control marijuana use, then it will cause problems. I confirm that this matter has been properly discussed with the committee. It’s not about who wins or loses but it is the collective responsibility in the council.”

“So I’d like to ask the committee to consider it without bias or set conditions against the proposed amendment from certain political parties. I believe that working under the coalition government will cause no problem.” Satit concluded.


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