Police search for teenagers who reportedly beat 14-year-old boy to death over theft accusations in Banglamung

Banglamung, Chonburi –

A 14-year-old boy was reportedly beaten to death and discovered at a one-story house in the Huai Yai Subdistrict of Banglamung district on Saturday afternoon, September 17th.

Huai Yai subdistrict police arrived at the scene in Soi Hua Nong around 2:00 PM. after being notified of the incident. There, the body of the boy was discovered in the house’s garage with several wounds all over his body and bruises from being tied with ropes on both wrists. It was assumed by law enforcement that the bruises and wounds were from a physical assault and he was dead for 3 hours before officials arrived.

The boy, whose name was withheld due to our editorial policy, was delivered to the Central Institute of Forensic Science Thailand for an autopsy while the police began the investigation.

The child’s uncle, Den, told the police that his nephew was beaten by a group that accused him of stealing gold and 3000 baht in cash. The boy’s cries were heard constantly around 2:00 AM Saturday. Den woke up and reportedly saw a group of four teenagers brutally hitting and slapping the boy, threatening him to return the stolen gold. Den then approached them and tried to stop the attack, saying that he would report them to the police. The group then reportedly took the boy away on a motorcycle, saying that they were taking him to the place he hid the gold.

Dan said that the teenagers reportedly dropped off the boy at home around 11:00 AM., only to find out that he was already dead.

His grandmother Tiw also told the police that the 14-year-old lost his mother last year and became so depressed that he did not go to school and kept wandering around the neighborhood. Before the incident, one of the teenagers also came to ask her about the boy’s whereabouts, stating that he stole the gold and money.

As of Sunday, September 18th, police initially issued a summons for a father and a son identified only as their nicknames Petch and Peach, as well as other teenagers who were seen beating the boy to death by local witnesses. The police arrived at Petch and Peach’s house but nobody was home. Investigators are currently searching for them and pressured them to surrender for legal proceedings.


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