Delivery man killed after crashing his motorbike in Chonburi

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

Mueang district, Chonburi —

A 45-year-old delivery man crashed his motorbike with a second scooter and died on the spot in Chonburi.

Don Hua Lo police station on Friday night, September 16th, received an accident report on the Don Hua Lo Motor Way in the Don Hua Lo subdistrict of Mueang district, Chonburi. The police along with rescue services then rushed to the scene.

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

Two unidentified injured victims (man and woman) were found on the road with their fallen black and red Honda Wave bike. Laying not far away from them was a deceased victim, Mr. Peeranet Inpathom (45), and his green, crumbled Honda Wave bike.

Don Hua Lo police called the deceased victim’s relatives and were informed that the victim worked as a delivery man in the Phan Thong district in Chonburi. The man was heading home after work and sadly got into an accident, which killed him on the spot.

Police said they would review CCTV footage. All three victims were transported to Chonburi Hospital.


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