Democrat Party’s opposition to the Cannabis and Hemp Draft Bill is for sake of Thai society and youth, party MP reiterates

PHOTO: Matichon Weekly

Bangkok –

The Democrat Party reiterated on Thursday, September 15th, that the party’s opposition to the Cannabis and Hemp Draft Bill does not mean to cause a political conflict but rather for the Thai society.

Trang MP Sathit Wongnongtoey told the Associated Press that the Party disapproved the draft at the meeting on Wednesday because the MPs sought more regulations on marijuana use that prioritized the health impact of children and youth.

According to his statement, the drafting committee had added 69 new sections and cut out some sections in the previous draft. However, the added draft did not significantly include several mandatory regulations, such as how the public is prohibited from planting more than 15 cannabis/hemp plants and how it was stipulated for domestic consumption for medical purposes but no control measures were established.

The MP said: “If yesterday, September 14th, the bill was not withdrawn, it may cause the draft law to be pending for the Council’s consideration which will not be able to be reviewed or redrafted to be more prudent. But if it’s withdrawn now, the draft law can be amended. So it’s better to be withdrawn now than being rejected in the second or third agendas.”

When being asked if the the Democrat’s opposition to the draft bill was a political game in the coalition government, Sathit rejected this, saying that there was no political issue involved as it was a part of the democratic process that any draft bill must be considered and voted by both the coalition government and the opposition parties. It was rather the matter of the law content that is sill loose, according to the party’s consideration, and the Council should not enact such a loosing law without social responsibility.


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Nop Meechukhun
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