Freight tricycle hit by truck in Pattaya, rider suffers broken arm

Pattaya —

A freight tricycle rider suffered a broken arm after getting hit by a large truck. The truck driver, however, claimed that the tricycle did not have taillights and that the road was too dark.

Pattaya Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan rescue workers on Sunday, August 21st, assisted a Thai freight tricycle driver who was reportedly hit by a truck on 36 Highway inbound to Pattaya near the Bira Circuit race track in Banglamung’s Pong subdistrict.

The tricycle belonged to Wichan Thongplew, 34, who suffered a broken left arm in a crash. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital without making any statement. On the other hand, Watcharapong Saengchantra, 48, who reportedly crashed into the tricycle waited at the scene to give his story.

According to him, he was driving his truck on the road when the victim’s tricycle suddenly appeared in front of him. Watcharapong said the tricycle did not have taillights and the road was very dark, so he could not brake in time and crashed into the victim.

Pattaya Police said they still did not fully believe Watcharapong’s statement and would summon the tricycle rider to hear his side of the story.


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