Thailand’s Lawyers Association urges Prime Minister to resign after end of his eight-year ministry period

PHOTO: Siamrath

Bangkok –

The Thai Lawyers Association released a statement on Thursday, August 11th, urging General Prayut Chan-O’Cha to resign by August after 8 years as the Prime Minister without having to wait for a court order.

Association president Narinpong Jinapak stated that Prayut has served as the Thai Prime Minister since August 24th, 2014, which was before the promulgation of the current Constitution, which was on April 6th, 2017. Therefore, Prayut’s ministry’s period must be considered according to Section 158 of the 2017 Constitution which will end his maximum ministry of an eight-year term on August 24, 2022.

Narinpong continued: “The Association’s statement is to remind the public of Section 158 of the 2017 Constitution which clearly states that the Prime Minister shall not hold office for more than eight years in total, whether or not holding consecutive terms to prevent the power monopoly in the office.”

“Therefore, if General Prayut truly came into power with the intent to reform politics as he previously claimed, he should resign and leave the office after serving as Prime Minister for 8 years on August 24th to comply with the Constitution before the public’s complaints or the court’s verdict. Otherwise, all of what he claimed before during the coup is just an excuse.”

Meanwhile, Prayut has so far insisted on taking the matter to court and rejected calls to resign.


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