Senior Royal Thai Police join investigation of unidentified bodies killed and buried in Nakhon Ratchasima

Nakhon Ratchasima –

  Senior Royal Thai Police on Monday, August 1st, joined the investigation of unidentified bodies being found buried in a public forest in the Chokchai District of Nakhon Ratchasima last Thursday, July 28th.

General Suchart Theerasawat, Deputy Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police, led the national police officials to the northeastern province yesterday to follow up on the investigation of two male and female bodies.

After a three-hour meeting, the deputy chief revealed the struggles of the investigation in that the police were unable to identify the deceased because pieces of evidence at the crime scene had been disrupted. The identities to verify the bodies were reportedly destroyed, leaving insufficient evidence left. However, a team of expert evidence collectors would be deployed with more advanced equipment to collect more possible evidence.

Suchart continued: “There is also a high probability that the two of them may be foreigners, especially the male body which has a very different body structure from Thai people. We are contacting foreign embassies to go through their databases to see if there were any reports of missing foreigners. But, so far no progress was reported to relevant officials.”

“Parts of shell casings found at the scene were collected and we were able to identify the size and type of firearm. However, the identified type of gun is owned by a large number of people, so it may take a longer time to investigate. As for the tattoos on the female body, we inquired with the Thai Tattoo Artist Association regarding its pattern but no one provided us relevant information. Currently, the police are working with foreign agencies to help examine the tattoo as well.”

The police continued that the most important piece of evidence that may be the most helpful in identifying the bodies was the silicone breasts on the female body. According to the initial investigation from their serial number, the silicones were produced by a company in a foreign country and were sold by a Thai dealer company. But from the dealer’s inspection, the serial numbers of the silicones were not sold in the country.

“The police are now contacting the foreign company in order to trace for the company dealer before being able to identify the body. But it would take some time,” the deputy chief added.

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