Tourists upset about shadeless waiting spot at Bali Hai Pier, marquee reportedly removed

PHOTO: บริษัท โสภณ เคเบิ้ล ที.วี.และสื่อสาร พัทยา จำกัด

Pattaya —

Thais and foreign tourists waiting to get to Koh Larn at Bali Hai Pier today reportedly were upset at Pattaya officials for removing a shaded cover area, which consequently forced them out in the scorching sun for too long.

As of Friday, July 29th, around 10,000 tourists visited Bali Hai Pier that day alone to board a ferry to Koh Larn, one of the most popular destinations during this Thai four-day-long weekend, but many were reportedly bombarding Pattaya officials with criticisms for removing a marquee, one of a handful of shade at the facility, without giving any explanation.

PHOTO: บริษัท โสภณ เคเบิ้ล ที.วี.และสื่อสาร พัทยา จำกัด
PHOTO: บริษัท โสภณ เคเบิ้ล ที.วี.และสื่อสาร พัทยา จำกัด

“The marquee was here the last time I came,” one tourist told local media that went to inspect the situation.

Without the marquee, several tourists had no option but to line up in the scorching sun, desperately getting burnt up. Also, since there were so many tourists, some reportedly had to wait for hours for the ferry and began to berate the officials for what they said was their disorganized management.

TPN will update this story if an official response on the missing shade is given.


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