Two teenage thieves caught on CCTV stealing money from Na Jomtien temple


Sattahip —

The abbot of Wat Na Jomtein complained to police about two teenage thieves who have allegedly repeatedly stole money from the temple’s donation box at night.

Somsak Tanaro, the abbot of Wat Na Jomtien, reported to the Na Jomtien Police Station on Sunday, July 24th, regarding two thieves who broke into the monastery of the temple and stole money from the donation box.


The two suspects who were captured on the CCTV cameras appeared to be young males aged around 18-20 years old. They reportedly sneaked into the temple’s vicinity at night through the front gate and broke into the monastery where the donation box was located and stole the money.


According to the abbot, the suspects chose only 100 baht notes, totaling 2,000 baht, and fled. He also said that the two suspects were the same teenagers who stole from the temple previously on July 22nd.

“The novices and I have to live in fear,” the abbot stated. “These kids have no regard to the laws and sins and violate Buddhist principles without fear.” He also urged law enforcement to expedite the investigation to prevent the suspects from repeating the act.


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Aim Tanakorn
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