Thailand’s Public Health Department orders health centers nationwide to prepare for new wave of Covid-19 Coronavirus

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Bangkok –

The Ministry of Public Health has sent out urgent letters to hospitals to prepare for the possibility of a new wave of Covid-19 after new infections, driven by more transmissible sub-variants of Covid-19, are likely to increase in many areas across the country.

The Rural Doctors Society published a document from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health addressing to the Public Health Inspector General in every district to urgently order health service centers to prepare for a new wave of Covid-19 outbreaks as new cases tend to increase in several areas.

The letter specifies eight steps for all hospitals to be prepared as follows:

1. Communicate to medical personnel to have them acknowledge the current situation of increasing infections in order to prepare for the service while protecting themselves from the infection.

2. Examine and prepare medicines, medical supplies, and protective equipment in order for the personnel to be administered effectively.

3. Be prepared to provide additional hospital beds to accommodate severe patients

4. Prepare and rehearse the patient referral system

5. Speed ​​up booster vaccination for medical personnel and people. But, they must be done voluntarily.

6. Conduct public relations to inform people to protect themselves from the infection and the spread of infection

7. Collaborate with relevant agencies in the area to plan for control and prevent the epidemic

8. Consistently collect and analyze information


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