Chinese tourists allegedly trying to drive home drunk attack and injure hotel worker who tried to stop them in Pattaya


A 29-year-old hotel worker was injured last night, April 12th, in Pattaya after he reportedly tried to stop a group of drunken Chinese tourists from driving home intoxicated.

The incident took place around 11:30 P.M. at a hotel located near the Dolphin Circle in North Pattaya. The name of the hotel was withheld pending a further investigation.

The hotel worker, Vegyan Rodyu, 29, suffered wrist injuries in an altercation with two Chinese tourists. He was given medical assistance at the scene.

The altercation took place when four Chinese tourists entered into an argument with the hotel worker, allegedly over their intoxicated state and ability to drive. The group had been reportedly drinking alcohol at the hotel restaurant for several hours prior to the incident. The verbal argument escalated to a physical confrontation in which two of the Chinese men allegedly attacked the hotel worker. The other two Chinese tourists reportedly tried to restrain the attackers.

Pattaya Police arrived at the scene and after an investigation arrested two of the four Chinese tourists, who were described by witnesses as extremely intoxicated, for their alleged assault. The other two tourists were not arrested as they were, according to witnesses, trying to defuse the situation.

Pattaya Police told TPN reporters that they would let the suspects sober up at the police station and interview them in full in the morning. The names of the two men arrested were not immediately released by Pattaya Police.

TPN media will provide further updates to this story if and when it becomes available from Pattaya Police.

Adam Judd
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