Prominent Thai doctor Thira urges public to wear facial masks and stay cautious of the Covid-19 pandemic during Songkran, strongly against dropping mask mandates in Thailand

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Bangkok –

Prominent doctor Thira Woratanarat warned Thai people to stay cautious of the Covid-19 pandemic, wear facial masks, and refrain from large gatherings during the Songkran festival.

The Associate Professor at Chulalongkorn University wrote an online status today, April 10th, about the global Covid-19 situation in general and stated that Thailand’s daily infections via ATK testing had become the seventh-highest country in the world and the third in Asia.

He also mentioned Canada’s Public Health Ontario (PHO) reports which suggested that the intensity of Covid-19 outbreaks was associated with the strict level of mask mandates in the country. The easing of mask mandates resulted in a higher rate of new infections, case detections, and critical patients, according to Thira.

Dr. Thira stated on his Facebook page: “This PHO report reminded us of the importance of wearing facial masks. It was to prevent the spread of infection amid the ongoing pandemic situation. We shouldn’t be fooled by some people’s and countries’ words, encouraging us to remove mask mandates and live with the disease like normal influenza. This includes outdoor mandates, which should stay.”

“I’d like to repeat that the pandemic situation in Thailand was still severe. What we primarily used for treatment now was also different from the developed countries. The booster vaccine still has reached only a minority of the population. Therefore, the key point to avoiding the infection was personal behavior, which was wearing a mask, it was the most important thing to do, and conducting social distance from others. Do not eat, drink, or share food with others. Please take care of yourself and your family members this Songkran.”


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