Fuel Tariff (Ft) rate in Thailand to increase to 4 baht per kilowatt for the first time due to Russia-Ukraine war

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The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) yesterday, March 17th, announced a power bill rise to an average of 4.00 baht per kilowatt hour (kWh), starting this May.

This was the first time in the history that the electricity bill had risen to 4 baht, the TPN News noted.

ERC Secretary-General Komkrit Tantravanich revealed after the meeting with the ERC committee that the main factor affecting the FT (Fuel Tariff) rate was the Russia-Ukraine political conflict which resulted in a rise of the global energy price. The ERC, therefore, had to adjust its FT rate assumptions to reflect fuel prices of the current situation.

“The higher fuel costs resulted in the the higher FT rate. From May to August 2022, it would increase to 129.91 satang per unit. If considered with the stairstep pricing method, the FT rate may have to increase about 47.3 satang per unit. However, we only increase it at 23.38 per unit,” the Secretary-General stated.

This will unfortunately, notes TPN media, lead to higher prices in the hottest time of the year for power bills.


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