Analysis: Business operators welcome legal reopening of nightlife but proposed ultra strict rules a possible party pooper


Yesterday, March 16th, 2022, members of the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration or CCSA acknowledged that the long closed bar, nightlife, entertainment, and pub industry would be finally seriously discussed about a legal opening in Thailand.

Due to Covid-19 measures the industry has been legally closed since April of 2021 although has been allowed to operate as temporary restaurants in a sort of grey area in the interim since December.

The proposed legal opening…which we note is only a proposal and by no means is set in stone or guaranteed to happen…was welcomed by many in the nightlife industry. However, it’s not likely that many saw the proposed rules being discussed that Thai media has posted since. We will list those in a moment.

It’s important to note again that the proposed rules are only that…proposals. They will be debated, discussed, and possibly approved..or not. None of the rules in their current forms have been approved. But if the rules went ahead with the current list of proposals, which looking at the list has certainly been designed by someone not partial to how the nightlife business makes a profit, things will remain difficult.

Amongst other proposed rules:

-All customers triple vaccinated (double ok if less than three months after last dose.)

-All staff triple vaccinated and tested by atk rapid Covid19 test every three days

-All customers, even triple vaccinated, must take an atk test within 24 hours every time they go to a bar venue.

-Dancing proposed to still be banned

-Bottle service banned

-Promotions/parties/events banned

-Hostesses banned, including sitting with customers or accepting drinks.

-No shows or anything similar at this time

-No toilet attendants. (This one might be ok with many)

-SHA+ and Stop covid plus certificates will stay on top of regular licenses

Now, of course, this would only be a first step and the CCSA has outlined a four month plan to treat Covid as endemic. It is certain these rules would eventually loosen and relax. However, what do you think of the alleged proposals as stated by Thai media? Do you like the rules? Do you think they will be followed and enforced well? Let us know in the comments.

Adam Judd
Mr. Adam Judd is the Co-owner of TPN Media since December 2017. He is originally from Washington D.C., America, but has also lived in Dallas, Sarasota, and Portsmouth. His background is in retail sales, HR, and operations management, and has written about news and Thailand for many years. He has lived in Pattaya for over nine years as a full-time resident, is well known locally and been visiting the country as a regular visitor for over a decade. His full contact information, including office contact information, can be found on our Contact Us page below. Stories please e-mail About Us: Contact Us: