Central Pattana announces its vision ‘Imagining Better Futures for All’, investing 120 billion baht in the next five years to build a sustainable ecosystem and to reach a net zero goal by 2050


⦁ To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Central Pattana has announced a commitment for better futures and a position as the place maker who builds places for the people and the planet.

⦁ The company focuses on three strategies to reach sustainability goals. There are 1) SYNERGY for New Solutions with its retail-led mixed-use business, its partners, communities, and other parties; 2) PIONEER for Better Lives to develop new standards for project development under the concepts of Green & Well-being, and 3) OPPORTUNITIES with a Purpose to become an organization which develops people and elevates Thailand’s real estate and retail industries.

⦁ The company is aiming to create a big impact with its five-year business plan for 2022-2026, which includes investments in new mixed-use projects and revamps of existing projects across over 30 provinces, with 50 shopping centers with new formats and trends, 68 residential projects which will strengthen the company’s position as the top developer, 13 office buildings catering to the new lifestyle, and 37 hotels including a new hotel brand across the country.

⦁ It is revealing a new brand identity for the corporate and its shopping centers across the country, based on local identities and different modernity designed by a world-renowned agency.

⦁ The company is setting a team of ‘Business & Digital Transformation with an investment budget of 450 million in 2022 and a team of ‘Partner Champions’ who will ensure growth by providing end-to-end solutions to partners.

Bangkok – Central Pattana Plc., Thailand’s leading retail and real estate developer and operator of Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings, and hotels across the country, has announced the “Imagining Better Futures for All” vision to build a strong and sustainable ecosystem with a role of the ‘place maker’ who creates space of the future and pioneer cities and developments all over the countries with a mission to take care of both the quality of life of the ‘people’, including communities and the ‘planet’, to become Thailand’s first mixed-use developer to reach a net-zero goal by 2050. Its five-year business plan for 2022-2026 under a budget of 120 billion baht and three strategies to attain sustainability goals combine forces of its mixed-use businesses, partners, communities, and other parties to create synergy; pioneering a new standard of space for the life of the future, and creating opportunities to become an organization which develops people and elevates Thailand’s real estate and retail industries.

Wallaya Chirathivat, President and CEO of Central Pattana and the first woman to lead the organization, revealed her vision for the business in the press conference, announcing the “commitment for better futures” to develop the quality of life for the people and better futures for the society and the planet, reinforcing Central Pattana’s position as a global sustainable organization. At the same time, she also revealed a new brand identity for both the corporate and shopping centers across the country, based on local pride and different modernity designed by a world-renowned design agency.

“Throughout our history of over 40 years, we have always been proud to be part of the lives of the people and to be able to grow with the country and drive its development. We are seen as the ‘Center of Life’ of the community wherever our project is situated. Today, we see ourselves as the ‘place maker’ who develops the quality of life for people across the country by creating a place where a better future is possible. We intend to do this by connecting the two most important elements, which are the people and the planet, and integrate them into our strong and sustainable ecosystem, as we believe that through their community everyone has the power to drive the societal change,” said Wallaya.

Strategy No.1: SYNERGY for New Solutions
All parties join forces to create a complete platform to upgrade the quality of life and business.

⦁ Synergy within Retail-Led Mixed-Used Development
All elements of Central Pattana, including shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings, and hotels, will join forces to deliver a seamless experience. In the next five years or in 2022-2026, the company will have 50 shopping centers in Thailand and overseas, 16 community malls (under the feasibility study), 68 residential projects, 13 office buildings, and 37 hotels, spanning across over 30 provinces and overseas. More than half of these are parts of mixed-use development projects, of which the shopping centers will be the key component while consistently expanding other businesses, as well. All will help raise the quality of life in various aspects, such as shopping, working, staying, playing, and living. Retail projects will fulfill all formats and trends. Residential projects of high quality will offer special benefits from the Central Group to the residents. Office buildings will be some of the best workplaces with close proximity to shopping centers and hotels. Lastly, a new hotel brand will be launched, which will help turn cities into tourist destinations.

A team of ‘Business & Digital Transformation’ has been formed under an investment budget of 450 million baht in 2022 and an aim to transform the platforms into an omnichannel which will not only connect offline and online elements but also all businesses in the ecosystem to each other and the customers under a B2B2C model, providing a new customer experience.

⦁ Synergy with Business Partners
Central Pattana is committed to generating sustainable growth for its business partners. It will set up a team of ‘Partner Champions’ to act as business consultants to partners and to provide them with complete end-to-end solutions, ranging from growth assistance; brand expansion via co-investment, funding, and franchising; and business operation supports.

In addition, Central Pattana will use the big data from The 1, The 1 Biz, and the retail omnichannel to promote and drive the businesses of its partners, help them manage their transactions, and provide other services.

⦁ Synergy with Communities
All projects developed by Central Pattana will be based on the local identity and essence of the community. They will promote the local art and culture, generate local wealth, help distribute income at the community level, act as a platform to elevate capabilities of SMEs, promote cross-regional tourism, and provide more than 40,000 square meters of space each year worth 300 million baht per year as space for farmers and other people to sell their products and services.

Strategy No.2: PIONEER for Better Lives
Central Pattana will create a new standard for better living space in the future. It will improve management at every new project to focus on two areas to ensure sustainability in the lives of all involved. The two aspects are:

⦁ Green & Energy
Buildings will use the Green Building Standard to ensure higher environmental friendliness. Solar cell systems will be installed at all projects, a building automation system will be developed, while EV charging stations and recycling stations will be provided to support clean energy and circular economy.

⦁ Health & Wellness
As proper physical space can enhance the quality of life, the company will focus on developing its master plan and measures for hygiene and safety. It will increase green space indoor and outdoor. Inclusive design will be used to ensure it can cater to all groups of people as well as the community. For example, there will be exercising areas, playgrounds, learning centers, vaccination centers, blood donation areas, and well-being areas for the community.

Strategy No.3: OPPORTUNITIES with Purpose
The company will help drive society and the business sector. As an organization focusing on human development, it will provide opportunities for all individuals. At the same time, it will strive to elevate the Thai real estate and retail industries for better futures for all.

⦁ It will encourage people to learn, exchange their experiences and business matching with a chance to expand their businesses in Thailand and overseas via Central Pattana Lead and Retail Academy.
⦁ It will generate local wealth, create job opportunities and elevate the quality of life for locals.
⦁ It will support the young generations to work with Central Pattana via new initiative platforms such as Retail Hackathon which provide them real opportunities.
⦁ It will equally provide opportunities for LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and special people while being a global citizen who understands global values such as human rights, equality, and diversity.

All these strategies are parts of the attempt to create a big impact on the economy, society, culture, and environment, involving all generations of people.

“With this new vision, we strive to follow our commitment and create a strong and sustainable ecosystem for the people and the planet. We are a place maker who will provide space for all aspects of life with high quality, aiming for better and more sustainable futures for the Thai people and the country,” said Wallaya.

According to her, the goals for Central Pattana are:

⦁ Upgrade the quality of life of the people and communities across the country
The company has been helping to generate circulation of money in the Thai economy about 1% of Thailand’s GDP. It will also help generate for the next five years with over 150,000 jobs in its sustainable ecosystem.

⦁ Become a net-zero organization by 2050
The company has a long-term plan to achieve net-zero carbon emission. It will be done by reducing energy use by 50 percent, reducing the emission of CFCs and other substances which can harm the atmosphere, and increasing the use of clean energy by 50 percent. It also aims to soon have one million trees and plants indoor and outdoor in its projects.

Central Pattana is moving forward into the future with the brand commitment “Imagining Better Futures for All” by developing high-quality space to take care of the people and the planet while driving the growth of the economy and the country. Moreover, Central Pattana has been adhering to sustainable development and remains the only real estate company in Thailand that has been listed as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in DJSI World for four consecutive years and in DJSI Emerging Markets for eight consecutive years.

The company has launched a short film on its commitment to better futures below:

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