CEO of oil company responsible for leak off of coast of Rayong personally visits fishermen, vendors, promises full support

Rayong, Thailand-

  The Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited, or SPRC, personally met with dozens of fishermen and vendors on Mae Ramphueng Beach this afternoon, February 3rd, to give his personal pledge that SPRC will provide full financial aid and support for all affected by the leak.

This comes as the Royal Thai Navy reported this afternoon that the situation on the beach, one of Rayong’s most popular tourist attractions, is now under control. 

Rayong’s Public Health Department has also confirmed there is no sign of contamination among seafood for sale.   

You can also read more about the situation so far and about the source of the oil leak from our prior article here.

Mr. Robert Dobrik, the CEO of SPRC, accompanied by his Human Resources Manager Mr. Jeerasak Mahasukhon personally met with concerned fishermen, villagers, and vendors at 2:30 P.M. this afternoon at Klong Kache, Mae Ramphueng Beach to reassure those whose livelihoods revolve around the sea near Rayong that SPRC would take full responsibility and work with all affected.

Mr. Dobrik, who is Canadian, spoke with Mr. Sunthorn Saengnet, 56, a fisherman’s representative for those affected through a translator. The two groups agreed to set up several transparent committees with members of the community fully involved at every level to ensure full damages and responsibility were taken.

Mr. Dobrik also brought support packages that contained various “survival” items and aid items for those affected who, according to Mr. Sunthorn, were thankful for the gesture and hoped it marked reassurance that further full responsibility would be taken.

The committees are set to be organized and put together over the next week or so, according to Mr. Jeerasak and transparent and open communication would take place between all involved.

Photos: 77kaoded.

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