Pattaya and Banglamung cases rise, 81 percent of recently randomly tested infections are Omicron in the area says Chonburi’s top doctor

Chonburi –

Eighty-one percent of randomly tested recent Covid-19 infections are from the “Omicron variant” in Pattaya and Banglamung, having been found from testing on confirmed Covid-19 cases in the area, according to Chonburi’s top Public Health doctor.

The Chonburi Provincial Public Health Deputy Director Doctor Wichai Tanasophon spoke with the associated Thai press this morning, January 2nd, 2022, regarding rapidly rising Covid-19 numbers in Banglamung and Pattaya and stated the following: “Many confirmed Covid -19 cases were found in Banglamung recently. Since December 22nd the infection rate has rapidly increased and continues to increase.”

“We have been conducting regular proactive testing at popular areas in Pattaya where many people gather, such as the Tree Town Market and venues nearby. Some confirmed cases at Tree Town also provided a history of visiting the Pattaya Walking Street and other areas that are popular for tourists and locals.” Dr. Wichai explained.

“Sixty four out of 79 cases were found with the Covid-19 Omicron variant infection from random tests on recently confirmed Covid-19 cases. This means more than 80 percent of the Covid-19 Omicron variant infections were found out of recent samples and is rapidly becoming a prominent strain in the Banglamung and Pattaya area, which also explains why cases have been rising so significantly in the area.” Dr. Wichai added.

“Banglamung has many activities which are at risk for rapidly increasing infections such as some restaurants that are selling alcohol with many customers, especially younger customers who are very socially mobile and visit many places in a single night. These restaurants are opening similar to entertainment venues and do not “appear” to be venues focused on dining, regardless of licensing status.” Dr. Wichai stated.

“We have (see below) released new orders for all restaurants, specifically that sell alcohol, around requirements for rapid Covid-19 testing for staff AND customers late last night. These must be obeyed or a venue must shut until/if the rules are eased.” Dr. Wichai added, referring to the new Chonburi orders linked at the bottom of this article.

“We are deeply concerned with the rapidly rising number of cases in Pattaya and Banglamung. Yes, nearly all of them are very mild or asymptomatic and are mainly affecting young, healthy, people. Many of them are fully vaccinated. However, we want to do all we can to “slow the spread” to protect our hospitals, protect the vulnerable, and our health care system. We are already having issues due to the steeply rising number of patients finding hospitels (quarantine centers) for them.” Dr. Wichai concluded.

TPN media notes that most of the Omicron patients that have spoken with our reporters as well as Dr. Wichai noted that most recent patients, due to concerns about transmissibility, have been sent to quarantine hospitals or similar locations, regardless of their health condition or vaccination status. Although self-isolation is sometimes offered, according to Dr. Wichai, many of those infected live in multi-generational or large families/group settings, and isolating them is important.

Dr. Wichai also recommended that anyone who has recently visited places that sell alcohol and were crowded conduct multiple rapid antigen tests on themselves and self-isolate until the results are available for at least five days. If one is positive, he encouraged them to contact the Department of Public Health and not attempt to, as he called it, hide from officials, stating they only wanted to help.

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